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Personalized Leather Map, Large

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Add a unique and personal decoration to your wall with a custom, hand carved leather map. Select any map you like and have it reproduced as a tactile, textured wall hanging. Great for anniversaries (especially for third anniversaries) or just a unique gift idea. Full scale maps of long running D&D campaigns make awesome gifts for your GM!

All maps are personalized to your specifications. Please ensure you provide an accurate email address at checkout so that I can contact you to discuss your order. I will do my best to contact you within 24 hours of purchase.

  • Large maps measure up to 15" in length, larger sizes may be available.
  • Maps are secured to a fiberboard backing to prevent warping and equipped with a wire or ribbon for easy hanging.
  • Comes with a built-in cedar wood frame.
  • Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.