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About Me

Howdy! I learned a lot growing up in the beautiful Texas Hill Country and serving in the US Air Force that have informed how I craft products and manage my business.  My primary goal is always to engineer the best possible solution given my experience and the materials available.  When I opened the store back in 2014 that was just leather and a little wood but over the years I've added 3D printing, laser cutting, resin casting and other techniques to my toolbox.

For the most part I work out of our home in beautiful British Columbia, Canada and I'm proud that I've been able to send products from Peru to Croatia. I'm a 1-human shop but occasionally I get a little help from Senior Puppervisor Max and his assistant Ranger.



    How do Commissions work?

     I try to make this process as simple as I can.  To get started just reach out to me through email or the contact page with what you have in mind.  I'll do my best to respond within 24 hours and once I have a clear idea of what the final product should be I can start drawing a draft.  That's essentially a blueprint I'll use to produce the final product and calculate the price. 

    The draft usually goes through a few versions before we really nail down the details.  You'll always see a draft and price before needing to decide whether to purchase the order.  If you decide you'd like to make the purchase I'll send an invoice to your email that makes payment simple.  Once it's paid the order goes into my queue for production and out in the mail as soon as it's complete.


    Why are prices higher on the Etsy store?

    Short answer: It costs more to sell things on Etsy.  The products are identical no matter which website they're purchased from.


    Why does it take so long for orders to ship?

    Most orders will go out within 2 weeks of purchase.  Particularly large or labor intensive items might take 3 weeks.  I'm only able to keep a ready-to-ship stock of 3D printed items so anything else will be made to order once it's purchased.  


    What if I need my order by a certain date?

    Please let me know the deadline when you submit the order and I'll do whatever I can to get it out to you in time.  If that won't be possible I'll let you know.


    What's your policy on Returns, Exchanges, Refunds, etc?

    If your order hasn't shipped yet then just send me a message and the order can be cancelled with a full refund.

    If you receive the order but it isn't what your expecting we can usually arrange an exchange or refund for orders that aren't custom commissions.


    What's your shipping policy?

    Orders are shipped through Canada Post and should arrive within 3-6 days in the US/Canada.  Buyers outside of Canada may have to pay customs or duties on receipt of the package depending on the laws in their country.


    Do you make cosplay?

    While I enjoy working with cosplayers I never have the time to build full body outfits.  If it's an accessory like greaves or pouches I'll be delighted to work on it but anything larger (e.g. breastplates) or needing to be fitted (gloves) is something I'd need to refer to a specialist.