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Scroll Case, Large

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Inspired by scroll cases of old, this case is just the right size to keep your papers dry and in good condition no matter the weather. Hand-stitched and treated with beeswax, these map cases will ward off rain, wind, and snow. These large cases can hold posters, collapsible fishing poles, and more.

  • Measures approximately 3.25" (9 cm) in diameter and 19" (49 cm) long.
  • Choose from several color options. Please include your preferred color in the Special Instructions field at checkout.
  • Comes with strap that can be used as both a handle and a lanyard to keep the lid and tube together.
  • Custom decorations can be added to the body of the tube, from simple monograms to complex carving (such as maps). Please contact me if you would like a customized piece.
  • Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.