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We're back!

Posted by Fallon Foster on

It's been a hair over two weeks and I'm back up and running!  I've been able to ship a couple small orders already and I'm hoping to clear the rest of the docket over the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile I have a shiny new workshop.  In the old place my work space was split across two rooms but here I've been able to pack it all into one big room.  I'm still working on lighting but the giant window keeps the place pretty bright during the day so it's not an imminent concern.  I'm sure I'll juggle things around on the pegboard too.  For now I'm just happy everything fits in one place and I can keep my stock in a nice safe closet.

I took the opportunity to build a new photo booth from scratch to replace the old backdrop.  The backdrop wasn't a bad idea and I liked how it looked but it clearly wasn't meant for close-up photography and it hasn't weathered all that well.  These whitewashed boards on the other hand should weather very well!  Shouldn't be long before I can start posting products on it.