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Welcome to the new Store!

Posted by Fallon Foster on

After nearly 6 years of being almost exclusively on Etsy today I'm rolling out a standalone store page to sell things directly to clients.  It might take a few more days to finish cleaning up the renovation dust but if you're reading this then the new shop is ready and open for business!


Why move away from Etsy?

Etsy was a great place to start my shop and grow it over the last six years and I'll always be grateful for that.  There's been a lot of changes in how Etsy treats its seller community in the past couple of years though.  I could go on about how 2020 Etsy is worse than 2014 Etsy but really it comes down to pricing themselves out of being a good place to grow a business. 

This is a bit inside-baseball but when I started Etsy took about 6% of my revenue and that was a pretty good deal.  In 2019 it was closer to 10% but that was still acceptable.  In 2020 it's somewhere between 15-25% and that's a lot just for access to the marketplace.  

Astute observers will notice the prices here are a fair bit lower than the prices on Etsy.  That's mostly because I'm not paying Etsy for sales through this site and I can pass those savings on to buyers. =)


What else has changed?

I've made a few tweaks to some of the listings here and there, and probably will continue tweaking over time.  I've also pulled the shipping out of the price so buyers can select their own rates and pay the exact postage.

I'm working on further improvements like being able to order all of the coins from one page but that takes a bit of coding and might take some time to implement.


What will happen to the Etsy store?

For now, nothing.  I'll continue doing business through Etsy for the time being while this site gets off the proverbial ground.  Depending on sales the two may operate in tandem indefinitely or I may close down the Etsy store and do everything through here.  It'll just depend on how things go.