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Wallet Lanyard

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I happen to come from a place where it's pretty common to keep your wallet on a chain but I can't say I'd ever done it myself.  So when I was asked to braid a custom lanyard I admit I had to google wallet lanyards to remind myself of the details.  The client had just obtained a very nice deerskin wallet and they were looking for a matching lanyard.  Deerskin is a bit unusual as a braiding material because it lacks the tensile strength of other leathers.  It's very soft and supple and comfy, but the low tensile strength makes it challenging to braid.

I reinforced the braid on the whole by giving it a latigo core that's fixed to the anchors (cut from some bison leather) which hold some solid brass trigger snaps for fasteners.  That sentence might be a lot of mumbo jumbo but it amounts to the deerskin being a part of the structure without having to bear much, if any force or stress along the lanyard.  It's a simple little thing but I put a fair bit of thought into it and I'm pretty happy with the result.