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Testimonial: Farrenmore Map

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I just heard back on the Farrenmore map!

FALLON, you absolutely outdid yourself! I received the Farrenmore piece in the mail today and I am still in awe. I knew I was excited before and I had high expectations but my gosh you have set a bar higher than I ever imagined. It's absolutely GORGEOUS and perfection at its finest.

I had W open the box and it was such an emotional unveiling. Like, think about those viral videos of when a dad is gifted his favourite car from the 40's kind-of emotions. We both cried. I just need you to realize your work has the power to bring these emotions out of people and its a beautiful gift. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us. This is something we will hold close to our hearts for forever more.

A million thanks,
F and W