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Talking Nerdy Gear

Posted by Fallon Foster on

Anyone who follows my twitter account no doubt knows that there's a bevy of excellent podcasts that I listen to while I'm working away at the workbench.  Among them is Cara Santa Maria's Talk Nerdy podcast which is pretty much what it sounds like.  Every Monday morning she releases an hourish long chat/interview with another science-y person usually around their science-y specialty or some social issues (or both).  These science-y persons come from all over the place so there's a pretty wide ranging diversity of topics, perspectives, and representations which is something I've had a hard time finding in other podcasts.  In any case, it's good stuff.  And also Nerd Corps.

As it happens, Ms. Maria is a fellow transplanted Texan and that might be why I felt I needed to make her a name belt of her very own.  I've listened to her podcasts long enough to have some ideas on what sorts of things should go on just such a belt, but as it turns out "CARA SANTA MARIA" in 1" tall letters doesn't leave a whole lot of room for tooling.  As I studied photos on the internet to try and get a guess at the size of the belt I reckoned some pyramid studs would probably match her aesthetic better anyway.

Being a cool person, Ms. Maria has a wee pup (no doubt suitability) named "Killer" and I didn't want to leave the little guy out.  Especially since I found a couple of teeny tiny conchos that looked like they'd match his little skull and crossbones tag he seems to have in any of the pictures I could find.  Though if trying derive a woman's belt size from a few pictures was challenging, I'm not really sure if it's at all practical to guess at a dog's collar size.  I have a suspicion it came out too large to make a serviceable collar but I guess I'll have to wait to find out.  If Canada Post's ETA is accurate then Ms. Maria and Killer should be getting their package about the time this goes live on the blog.