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Talk Nerdy Bookmarks

Posted by Fallon Foster on

Some while ago I was happy to make a bulk order of bookmarks for the Talk Nerdy podcast.  Earlier this year the host, Cara Santa Maria, contacted me about refilling her stock.  We decided to switch up the sizing and design a bit and I think the end result is much better for it.  We'd started talking back in March but then I moved and then Ms. Maria moved and then there was a trip to Alberta so it wasn't until July that I was able to really get started.

When I made the first batch it took a lot longer than I expected since I was still figuring out tap offs and hadn't had much experience with bulk production.  I've picked up some tricks in the past couple years, not the least of which was 3D printing tap-offs.  I had some difficulty making a tap-off of the logo but that was entirely due to the modelling software.  It could have been done, but it wound up being faster (and better final result) to use an ink transfer for the logo.

This was the first project I could really use my new casing chest on and if anything it may be working too well.  Water's been beading up on the interior like I was brewing tea in there.  It worked pretty excellent for keeping the leather cased though.

Staining was a nice mix of tinting and resisting to create three tones.  A brush might've had an easier time keeping the resist "between the lines" but I prefer the cleaner application of a swab for this sort of thing.

I rather happy with the final result.  The staining has just enough "gruff" that it's obviously been done by hand but doesn't look messy.  After a copious application of oils and beeswax these are some shiny bookmarks to go with the shiny science on Talk Nerdy.