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Status Rings

Posted by Fallon Foster on

Friggin' finally I can put these up on the shop.  At the start of each year I have a list of all the items I'd like to develop into product lines that year.  Most of them get put up in the relative slow period during Jan and Feb but there's occasionally a little hanger-on that takes a lot longer for one reason or another.  This year these were that "hanger-on".  Not for many technical reasons but mostly just because I always had something else I was working on.  Some other prototype or order for a client took priority.  One upshot of that is I've been playtesting these since April or May and they're a marked improvement on the old square tokens.  Being able to drape the ring around a mini helps a lot but even when the mini doesn't work for that they sit under the mini quite nicely too.  Being able to carry them on any given loop saves a lot in labor and materials too, which is a large part of how these are about half the price of the condition tokens now that they're up on the shop!