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Shop Update: February

Posted by Fallon Foster on

Got a few updates for February:
  • New Listing: Adventure Maps! https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/687140487/map-adventure
    I've been working on these since the laser cutter came in and I'm excited to finally add them to the shop.  I've always wanted to provide maps that could be used as tabletop props and these are proving perfect for that!
  • Dice Cup Updates
    • A bunch of the classic dice cups have new images now that their designs have been updated
    • I've added a Monster Manual dice cup with some of the art from the 1E era
    • The old DMG design has been reworked to be a straight Githyanki design
Meanwhile, I'm actively working on some new updates for March.  I have new status tokens and a DM Screen in active development and new dice cup designs that should be hitting the shop in the next couple months.