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Prototype: Wallet of Holding

Posted by Fallon Foster on

My wife, glorious person that she is, has been using the same battered, beaten, worn old cloth wallet since she was old enough to tell quarters from dimes.  That was quite some time ago though so the thing is more worn out than Scrooge's ratty old coat.  She's been asking me to make her a leather one for awhile, and at first I made one from a kit, but neither of us were very happy with it.  This time she furnished the original wallet itself so I could reverse engineer it.

The geometry is a fair bit more complicated than most wallets tend to be.  To look at the insert it seems like a simple trifold but it's actually two interlocking "V"s that hold a zippered pocket between where they overlap.  That zippered pocket is what makes this design relatively unique and it's exactly what she likes about it.  It's where she keeps all those quarters and dimes.

It took a fair while to grok the entire geometry, and being a prototype it didn't come out perfect.  The insert came out a 1/4" too long and had to be trimmed and there were some hidden aspects of the card pockets that I wouldn't have been able to see without dismantling the old wallet.  But this is why we make prototypes, to figure out the surprises ahead of time.  In the meaning time, it's a perfectly fit and stable wallet and she seems content with it so I'm content with it.  I'll probably modify the design a bit if I choose to use this pattern as a line of products, but now I have all the information I'll need to do so.