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Prototype Padded Shoulderpad

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I've been meaning to bang out a prototype for a padded shoulderpad for awhile now and a recent order gave me the opportunity.  A client in Denmark wanted a long, all black shoulderstrap with a padded pad and I was perfectly happy to oblige.  The pad started out like the usual variety but then I added a layer of fabric and then two foam applicators.  That was all wrapped in some nice, supple deerskin and the result turned out pretty darn well.  Normally when I make a prototype I wind up with a long list of changes to make in the next mark of the model but not so this time.  I think the only change I'll make is using a heavier thread.  Tandy's new "Fine Waxed Thread" is a bit too fine for my tastes.  Deerskin only comes in a few options but I'm anticipating being able to offer these pads in black and brown/tan at the very least.