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Prototype Dice Cup, Mark III

Posted by Fallon Foster on

For the third round I wanted to focus on correctly honing in the geometry and adding a strap across the body of the cup.  I figured this could function as both a handle and as a way to lock the lid in place.

Unfortunately the first lid I made turned out pretty distorted.  I'd picked a scaled design that I knew would distort the lid to some extent but I grossly underestimated by how much.  I did make a second lid, sized to fit directly over the body.  Of course, the geometry of the stitching meant that the lid is now exactly the radius of the body.  I should've added 1/4" to the radius to account for that.

I don't really plan on ever selling these prototypes and I've got enough work at the moment so I think this one will remain lidless for the time being.  I might use the lid from the Mark II to test the design elements but so far it all seems to work as a proof.