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Prototype Dice Cup, Mark II

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I figured I could make a prototype that was a bit shorter and tighten up some of the dimensions here and there.  I also have half a dozen ideas for dice cup designs I'm hoping to test out.  So today was a good time to try another design and some slightly different measurements out.

I'm pretty pleased with how the designs came out.  The yin/yang design uses a bit texturing and resist to maximize the contrast.  The wrap-around dragon is painted with a gold enamel paint that tends to be a bit messy in large areas but I think it works well enough here.  The obvious problem is with the geometries.  Both the body wall and the lip of the lid wound up being a bit too long which is causing some bunching at the end of the stitch.  I'll try to work that out with the Mark III.