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Prototype: Card Sleeve

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I was introduced to the notion of the Card Sleeve on a recent(ish) video on Tested and wanted to build my own take on it right away.  I happened to be working on a Trifold at the time anyway so my mental draft board was already percolating the geometry of a wallet.  Trifolds and Bifolds are old, classic designs for wallets but something about the notion of the cardsleeve seems so much more appealing.  Perhaps it's the compact form factor or the way it hides away the cards you don't need too often.  Either way, I came up with my own take that's a little larger than the one in the Tested video.  I barely ever carry cash but I carry a variety of cards and I like to sort them into at least two pockets (ID & Money) so I made sure I could do that with my prototype.

From design to completion the build only took a couple days (which is pretty damn fast for a prototype) and I'm reasonably pleased with it.  It needs some refinement before it's something I can sell but in the meantime I'll be carrying the prototype in my pocket.  Once it's the right mix of durability, convenience, and practicality I'm looking forward to offering it in my store.