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Postapocalyptic Leather Goggles

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I've probably mentioned my upcoming trip to PAX South next year and this was the first piece of my cosplay outfit.  I've been building it in my head for a a few... well, long enough that I'm not sure how long anymore.  It isn't the most complicated pattern either, essentially just building a frame for wraparound sunglasses with leather.

I ordered the lenses from a shop that sells such things (for reference: AC Red Tifosi Strada lens) and broke out the ol' bison side so that it'd have a good weathered look.  The lens are sandwiched between that bison and some stoned oil and there's a little bit of deerskin to act as a noseguard mostly for comfort.  Without the edge of the leather rides directly on the skin and gets a little annoying after awhile.

I wasn't entirely sure how well the buttons would work to fix the whole thing closed but they turned out to work pretty well.  I had been concerned they wouldn't fasten tightly enough or would fasten too tightly but it turns out they worked pretty perfectly.

I'd originally envisioned something less mask-ish and more goggly but I reckon these will work pretty darn well for keeping those pesky UVs out of my eyes while wandering the Wasteland.