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Pair of Purple Dino Pouches

Posted by Fallon Foster on

These were commissioned last week by a mother for her daughter's wedding in a few months.  I'm told they're having a theme of dinosaurs with green and purple color schemes, which sounds like fun.  It turns out that turning veg tan leather purple is a little more challenging than it might initially seem but I think I managed to pull it off after a fair amount of experimentation.  I even chased down some green sinew so the stitching could match the rest of the color scheme.  The dinosaurs themselves were originally stained with water colors like the rest of the leather, but there wasn't enough contrast after everything had cured.  I wound up going over them with some acrylic paint to make them stand out a bit.  I wouldn't normally use suede lace for a drawstring pouch but I tested each of these thongs to make sure they wouldn't tear before I installed them.  Assuming the festivities don't get too rowdy I'm confident they'll hold up.