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New Mission Statement

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I've been meaning to update my mission statement/creed/tagline thing for awhile.  Back when I was just starting up the shop "Creating custom, handmade leather goods by merging humanity's oldest craft with some of its newest technologies." seemed like a pretty good start.  And by and large it probably was.  But the ideas around the shop have shifted a bit since then and I've realized I'm far from the only craftsmen who's applying new technologies (like 3D printers) to leatherwork.  I've been intending to update the line for quite awhile but didn't really have a clear idea of where to go with it.

Then I got a pretty good idea while sitting in the #LVLurCraft panel at PAX South.  One of the panelists mentioned how she evaluates her products on four criteria in order to maintain her brand.  That's idea has a lot of merits on its own but I realized that criteria could define my tagline too.  I've spent the past couple weeks toying with different criteria; honing in on the four points that I think best describe the shop.  And once I had those four points it was just a matter of assembling them into a new statement: "Handcrafting reliable, custom leather goods & gaming accessories". 

Now the trickiest part is remembering all the spots the old tagline is posted so I can get them all updated...