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Navigator Map Case with Sword Coast Map

Posted by Fallon Foster on

This took longer than I expected to finish but prototypes usually do.  I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out.  I was worried the lid might wind up being too loose but it fits perfectly.  Well enough that it can be carried around by the handle and pops off with a little tug. 

I carved the map into heavier leather so that the different contours and textures would really stand out (which worked well enough that I can feel the differences in terrains).  That presented a challenge for such a round shape though.  I molded it around a jar to get the rough shape but by the time I'd stitched it to the tube it'd flattened back out.  Once all the stitching's in place the only drawback is that the tube isn't "exactly" a circle due to the tension between the map and the tube.  I suspect that would slacken over time as the leather forms to it's new shape but I am curious to see how it'd look sans map.  I figured out a fair bit pulling this thing together so I think I'll try making a production model to work any last kinks out of the pattern.  In the meantime this map case is in the store already.