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Move Update V

Posted by Fallon Foster on

It's been a very long time coming but the Studio is finally finished and ready for working in.  It's been just about two months now (April to June) since we moved in to the new place and this is really the last room to be set up.  It's spent most of the past couple months being gutted by contractors and turned into some place habitable, much less workable.  I have photos of most of that progress but for the sake of brevity I think I'll give the before and after and then discuss some of the "features" of my new setup.


The previous tenant had been using the space for "gak" storage.  The walls were finished with aluminum siding, the furniture was... questionable, and the lighting came from an ancient CFL that seemed to take 3-8 hours to warm enough to stop flickering.

The siding has been replaced with proper drywall and painted up nicely.  The single CFL fixture has been replaced with two rail systems sporting 3 LEDs a piece.  Essentially the entire room is one big light box (great for photography).  I installed some vinyl floor tiles so we're not walking on bare concrete all the time.  It's not in this photo but there's also a bright red D20 rug in front of the door now (because it's entirely appropriate).

The shelving makes for some handy storage, mostly for my shipping materials.  I've built a photo booth across the time so that I can have a consistent background for my photos.  The color came out a bit differently than I was expecting but it works pretty well.  It's 8' long so I don't have to worry as much about angles or bundling up straps to get them in one shot.

The bench and cabinet across from the shelves is a dedicated space for staining.  I was initially trying to keep it white and clean but it's already got some stains on it and it is basically just a workbench.  It might seem redundant but having separate benches specialized for cutting, carving, and staining is turning out to be incredibly useful.
And here's where the real work happens.  I have my old workbench holding up all the new hardware bins, a pegboard so I can actually reach my various carving tools, and a bench tall enough that I can carve for hours on end without contorting my back.  I haven't gotten to use it too much yet the work I have done has been far, far nicer than it was back in the apartment.