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Move Status Update III

Posted by Fallon Foster on

It's been another busy week and now I've got a functioning workshop going.  Between staying out of the way of contractors and finishing up a long line of about-the-house tasks I've managed to start working on some of my standing orders.  I even shipped an order yesterday, though only because it was something I already had in stock.

When we first moved in the room that is now my workshop was certainly in need of some work.  It was full of clumbsily painted cabinets and a bashed together closet.  The walls were marked and scratched up pretty uniformly and there was a shag carpet that's probably missing from the set of some 70s b-grade movie.  On top of that, a leak around the window meant that the drywall around the window has been rotting out for who knows how long.


I tore out the carpet, spackled the many various holes in the wall, and tossed up a fresh coat of paint.  I also laid down some hard-pack rubber tiles over the concrete foundation.  Once I fashioned a new cover for the hose valve in the wall the place is looking a lot better.  The window is beyond my scope but since we have contractors over anyway they'll be tackling that.  I've hung a pegboard on the wall and the printer's been rolling for the past 24 hours printing out hooks.  The furniture for the room is pretty much built though there is a large workbench/cutting table that's waiting for the window repair before it's assembled.


Stock Cabinet & Scrap Bins: Finished 16May

It's a relief to be able to start working on some of my orders but it'll probably be another week or two before I can really focus on catching up.  There's an optimistic hope that the contractors will be done with the studio by Friday but even after they finish it'll take me time to build more furniture in there.  A lots been done in the last month and there's just a bit more to go.