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Move Status Update II

Posted by Fallon Foster on

It's a few days shy of a month since we first gained access to our new place and I've been working round the clock since then to get everything ship shape.  I did take some time off to go see Civil War last Friday (which was great!) but otherwise it's all been about the move.  Accordingly, a whole lot's been done in a relatively short period of time.  Half of the rooms have been fully painted, lots of small (and not so small) problems fixed, and a metric whack of furniture constructed.  Most of our living spaces are pretty much settled so as of this morning I can start focusing on my workshop.  There's some furniture bits that need refining, a moldy window to repair, lots of scrubbing, painting, and various bits of finishing work to do to bring it up to snuff.  I'm hoping to have all that done by sometime this weekend and if that's the case then I should be able to start working on the orders that have been piling up.  That's the hope anyway...

I have blurbs to post for some of the furniture I've been building, with the usual glut of pics, and I'm going to try to get some of those up this morning.  I'm probably going to back date them to when they were finished though (using time stamps on the pics since I can't day anymore) but I'll stick a summary below.

Coffee Table: Finished 03 May (Monday)

Kitchen Table: Finished  06 May (Friday)

Gaming Table: Finished (ish) 09 May (Monday)

The house is old enough that it still has aluminum wiring.  While a pain to work with and somewhat less efficient than copper wiring that's usually workable if certain precautions are taken.  Unfortunately the previous owner wasn't very familiar with those precautions.  We've had contractors working in a spot that's transitioning from garage to studio for the past week and there've been some "interesting" discoveries along the way.  One of which was made at 00:42 one morning when a junction box abruptly exploded.  Not in the hollywood way of ball of flame and giant boom, or in the practical way of shockwaves and little fire, but in the electrical way of flashes of light and buzzing that wakes you up despite being behind a closed door or on another floor.

In this junction box there had been a 60 amp aluminum power line connecting to a 60 amp copper power line.  There wasn't any paste, or even the proper marrettes used to join the lines.  They'd just been twisted together and wrapped in electrical tape.  It was only dumb luck that the short didn't happen until after that particular room had been cleared of anything flammable.  It could've shorted at any time in the last couple decades and the problem would've been a lot larger than being woken up in the middle of the night.

tl;dr: Wire things correctly so you're house doesn't explode.