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More Klingon Belt Pouches

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I was quite happy to hear that the client who ordered the Klingon Belt Pouch was very happy with it.  I'm sure he must have been because right after he left his review I received two more orders for the same pouch.  One of these clients requested that I find a way to better match the texture of the original prop and that took some doing.  After combing through the materials available for me a few more times I decided to take a chance on deerskin.  It's natural texture was a fair bit closer to the original's, but deerskin is very elastic and very tricky to cut with much precision.  This pattern involves some fairly tight tolerances and I wasn't sure if deerskin could meet those specs.  At the same time, since the integrity of the pouch relies on a certain amount of tension I wasn't sure how the super elastic deerskin would hold together.

So I made a proof of concept or two to test those concerns and then went ahead and made the pouches.  I think the deerskin is structurally sound, but I've no doubt the stoned oil is more durable.  In either case, these two seem to have turned out ok and it's now a choice that I can offer prospective clients.