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More D&D Trading Cards

Posted by Fallon Foster on

Just about a year ago I made one of our friends a "reminder" card to help him play a rogue.  He still brings that card to every game (and it did help quite a bit) but now that we've started a new campaign he's no longer playing a Rogue.  What's more, all of the players have something that's tended to slip their minds for the past couple sessions.  I still have plenty of 9oz leather left over from a side I picked up back in 2009.  What's left wouldn't really work for anything I was selling but it works just dandy for these trading card bits (for friends anyway).

While I was at it I took the opportunity to work on my technique with the alphabet stamps.  I'm reasonably content with my proficiency with the 1/4" stamps, but the 1/8" stamps were made in such a way that they defy the usual techniques for making the letters stay straight and even.   Conventionally, there's a "bottom" to the stamp indicated by a notch or tiny letter on the top of the stamp.  That way you can line them up with your line and they should all come out even.  With the 1/8" stamps though, the letters aren't equidistant from the notched side of the stamp.  The letter A might be 2mm above the notch and the letter T would be 4mm.  This seems inane to me and I can't imagine why they were made that way.

I had to invent a new technique by eye-balling the letter from the side to make sure it was upright in relation to the marker line and the appropriate distance from the previous letter.  It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than the last time I used them.  I wanted to paint them up a little so they'd stick out and gold paint goes pretty well on green.  I tried using a mechanical pencil to "write" the paint into the letters (they're too small for any of my brushes) but .5mm turns out to be too wide for that.  If I try that again I think it'd be worthwhile to pick up some toothpicks and try those.