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Mini DM Screen

Posted by Fallon Foster on

The client requested this over twitter back in December and I'm a bit embarrassed it took me six months to finally get them there Screen.  I had a prototype back in February but I wasn't happy with some of the details and I didn't get another shot at it until June.

Much of the delay came down to finding a cost productive way of cutting the steel used to make the Screen magnetic.  Once I got that solved the second prototype came together fairly quickly.  I widened the card pockets to make them easier to use and set the Moloch statues gem eyes inside the leather so the surface would be flush.

The result is nice and sturdy and folds up to about pocket-sized.  It's magnetic from either side and just the right size for hiding a few key notes without blocking a view of a dungeon mat.  I should have them up on the shop before too long.