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Maps, Giant Texas & St. Augustine

Posted by Fallon Foster on

These two maps went together as a set.  Aside from being the first maps to use Med Brown instead of Saddle Tan the Texas map is the largest I've made to date: 16x16. 

The smaller map is of St. Augustine, FL and a little more typical of most of my maps.  I think the Medium Brown works with the water tinting better than the Saddle Tan so that's something I'll probably carry over on future maps. 

The scale of the Texas map made it pretty much impossible to do the usual ink transfer.  I wound up printing the design across four sheets of paper and manually tracing it onto the leather.  The client decided they'd like to add a few other elements after I'd finished most of the carving and that I had to just kind of eyeball directly onto the leather.  It only worked at all because the design is relatively simple.  I'm not sure how well I replicated the vintage map they were trying copy (the image was pretty blurry and I couldn't find other maps showing the same data).  And I'm frustrated with the text stamps.  They were all flush before stamping but because the stamps themselves are manufactured inconsistently the letters aren't all in line.  That said, I'm pretty happy with how the texturing and colors turned out.