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Map, Sea of Thieves

Posted by Fallon Foster on

The client contacted me the day before the laser cutter arrived which turned out to be pretty good timing since a laser cutter was just the tool for what they had in mind.  The client's a big fan of the pirate-y game Sea of Thieves and wanted a copy of the map they could carry around, roll up, fold, etc.  Unfortunately there aren't many leather options that can do that while being carvable, durable, etc.  So I converted the original map into a draft and burned it onto a piece of suede.

That worked pretty well, right down to having two different levels of engraving.  What I wasn't counting on was the soot that lays in all those deep black areas and started smudging around as soon as I pulled it out of the laser.  This was bad enough around the compass that I scrubbed the soot off entirely which only kind of fixed the problem.  I'm going to try out some other materials before adding something like this to the shop.  Looks pretty snazzy though!