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Map, North America in Quarters

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I'm not entirely sure what the whole story was here but the client wanted to show the path these two people took together using a leather map and a few Canadian quarters.  Whatever the story is I'm all for that sort of thing!

They wanted to mark each of the cities by placing a quarter in the map where that city would be and tracing a line to where they met up in Washington, DC.  Canadian quarters are 23.9mm across but the closest bit I have is 25.4mm.  That 1.5mm difference is just enough to be obvious so I printed some cradles/sabots so the quarters would fit perfectly.

Another new thing I tried with this map was building a new faux frame around the finished map.  I used to do something similar on my earliest maps but with the stitching I figured it was worth trying again.  I'm pretty happy with the way it all came together!