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Manual Paper Making Round 4

Posted by Fallon Foster on

This week I played with going back to printer paper and using saline rather than water.  This was another improvement, but I figure that's more from using printer paper than adding salt to the water.  Near as I could tell, the saline didn't really make any difference.  I gave the pulp two rounds through the mortar and pestle and doubled it up in the mold and that's helped improve the quality of the result, but still not quite where I want to be.  If it sounds like I'm piling too many variables into one experiment, I probably am but it's all made necessary by the time constraints.

This latest round has persuaded me that recycling paper sans blender is certainly possible, but it isn't exactly practical.  Since I'd like to churn out useable paper on a fairly regular basis, and I can't spend a week making 2-4 sheets at a time, I've sprung for the simplest blender I could find.  For Round 5 I expect to have something closer to what we'd normally consider note-worthy paper.