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Leather Necktie with Gold Gears and Bolo Cord

Posted by Fallon Foster on

Maybe it's just me but I derive a sort of amusement by making neckties with leather.  It's an opportunity to make something my brain associates so strongly with stuffy, unpleasant formality in about the least formal sort of way I can think of.

Bolo cords have been used to make "western neck ties" for... actually I don't know how long but maybe someday I should find out.  It's just a braided cord that runs through a clip, sometimes no more complicated than a paper clip.  My "innovation" was only in sticking a necktie-shaped piece of leather to that clip.  I have to put "innovation" in quotations of course because I got the idea from a book published in the 50s by F.O. Biard.  So clearly it's not a new notion, but it's been long enough that it's probably new again.

This will probably be the extent of what I can list this week simply because I'm simultaneously working on an unrelated, far more complicated project for my wife.  If I'm very lucky I might be able to finish that by the weekend and if it works well I'd say there's a pretty decent chance I'll employ the pattern again for the shop. A couple of parts of that project snuck into one of the pictures for the necktie, maybe if someone can guess what it's going to be I can come up with some sort of prize for them.  =)