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Large Camera Case

Posted by Fallon Foster on

The client wanted a case that could be hung from a strap and was large enough to fit a couple cameras and a lens or two (essentially 4 x 5 x 10.25").  My first impulse was to create what was essentially a padded box with a shoulder strap but that turned out to be too expensive.  So after some rounds of drafting we came up with a box entirely made out of stone oiled leather but stitched in such a way that its own structure would keep it from deforming.

I knew the seams could grant some structure but the result was a good deal better than I'd expected.  Even when I put about 4 lbs inside the final case there was barely any bowing.  The case is solid but without any lining I strongly suspect it could be rolled up and it would pop right back up (though I didn't get the chance to test that).

In fact, the case came out so well that I'm pretty sure I'll add it as a stock item in the shop.  Probably a smaller version of it though...