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Jeep Tokens

Posted by Fallon Foster on

These took awhile to come together but they started as a silly little gift idea the client wanted to explore.  They'd purchased a bunch of my D&D coins in the past and they were curious if I could 3D print them some cards for their Jeep club.  Nothing major, just some tokens they could hand out as gifts.  They designed the cards themselves and I turned them into a 3D model for the printer.  The tricky part was the URL code at the bottom because it was too fine for the printer to manage well.  It took some fine tuning but I was eventually able to laser cut the text into the plastic.  Even left a very thin bit of plastic at the back of the letters to hold the inside of the Os and As.  Unsurprisingly, the laser works quite well with PLA once it's properly calibrated.  That'll be a good trick for me to keep in mind!