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Spring Surprise

Posted by Fallon Foster on

This has nothing to do with the shop but this brought me some joy this weekend and that's the only reason to share it.

My in-laws usually throw together big feasts for the family in the local area for every holiday.  With everyone in self-isolation we hadn't seem them in awhile and the usual get-together wasn't an option.  So they cooked up all the food anyway and made door to door deliveries.  We wanted something to contribute so we came up with these in short-order.

I was able to pull some models off Thingiverse and got them cranking out in short order.  I'd originally planned to print them all on the new Moai since the Lulzbot was busy making "care crowns" but the Moai was having a heckuva time with such a large print.  Fortunately I hit my weekly quota on the care crowns just in time to slide the egg into the Lulzbot's queue.

The original idea called for 2 or 3 eggs and each of the figures would fit inside one but there wasn't time or spare-able filament to make more than one of the things so we improvised.

My wife took things from there, spending the morning painting everything up and packing the egg with candy and treats.  For such an ad hoc, improvised project I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

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Spring Surprise