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Introducing D&D Condition Tokens

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I've been trying to develop something along these lines off and on almost since I opened the shop.  With the help of the fellows at the Dungeon Master's Block I think I've finally hit on the right idea.  For the longest time I'd been trying to 3D print tiles to mark the different status effects but after chatting with some other DMs I realized sticking with leather would be the better idea.  Aside from looking better, it's going to be more durable over the long term and, given the unreliability of my little printer, more practical to produce.

That said, I did 3D print tapoffs to hammer the designs onto the tiles.  It's not a perfect system but it's working pretty well at this scale.  Coming up with 14 designs was tricky but the hardest part was the coloring.  Many stains that have entirely different names (Light Brown, Golden Rod, Yellow) tend to produce very similar results.  Since the edges were the key elements there (often the only areas visible under a mini) I touched a number of them up with acrylic paint.

The case was pretty fun too.  It's made to just fit the tokens and since oiled leather is a bit elastic there's no risk of damaging the tokens or making them hard to retrieve.  I started off using a concho to anchor the lace and that was working pretty well and looked nice.  Unfortunately when I crunched the numbers it was a little more expensive than I was shooting for so I had to replace it with a rivet.  Still looks nice though.

These are already up on the shop and you can see them here!