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Homebrew D&D Map: Erd

Posted by Fallon Foster on

One of the luckiest things about our move earlier this year has been dedicating a whole room to our tabletop games.  Not only has it allowed the construction of our massive table (which is working out pretty shiny) but it's also providing a place to collect all our gaming paraphernalia.  Along those lines I'd been meaning to carve some maps of the various D&D settings we've played in so far.  Our group's about to conclude its third campaign and we've already got the next two lined up after that so there'll be plenty of maps to mount.  Aside from giving us a way to display/document the worlds we've killed monsters in it'll let me scratch that cartography itch now that I'm not coming up with maps for our current campaign anymore.

This first map was for a setting dubbed "Erd".  Back in 2012 we hoped in on a local, impromptu gaming coalition.  Nobody expected very many people to show up but the first game in Jan 2013 wound up with 11 players.  The fellow organizing the whole thing didn't have a setting to start with but within a couple weeks we'd come up with a world, something of a history, and some reasons why our adventurers were off adventuring.  Our current group spun off of that a month later and we've been meeting every week since.

I've never been all that happy with the Erd map.  Relative to the maps that followed it it's very simplistic; more of a political map than anything that shows any terrain.  That kind of goes for the campaign on the whole, somewhat simplistic and boilerplate.  That said, it was meant to be a collaborative effort and for many of us it was a first real attempt.  Erd was my first experience DMing in a decade and I learned a heckuva lot from it.