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Home D&D Map: Eberron (Khorvaire)

Posted by Fallon Foster on

The impromptu coalition that our group had originally fired up with eventually broke up into its own smaller groups that, so far as I know, could still be meeting regularly like we are.  After 7 months or so of Tallingroth though we opted to swap DMs and settings.  My wife took up the DM mantle and I became one of the players as we dove into our favorite D&D setting: Eberron.  We started out in Graywall and over ~60 weeks we crossed the continent of Khorvaire and eventually faced off with Vol herself.

D&D has a handful of settings that the publishers have devised for DMs to take prebuilt.  The best known is probably Forgotten Realms (home to the infamous Drizzt Do'Urden) if only because it seems to be the default for video games (Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, etc).  Forgotten Realms is excellent as a "defacto"/pulp fantasy but you'll have to pardon me if I point out that there isn't that much depth to it.  In Eberron though you can't toss an ooze without running into an interesting story hook.  Aside from giving D&D several interesting races (Shifters, Changlings, Warforged, etc) it's just dripping with potential narrative.

Technically my map only shows the continent of Khorvaire (one of about 4 major continents) but since our entire campaign took place there it seemed forgivable.  I love the map of Khorvaire and spending ~12 hours refining a draft of it really just helped to underscore how much detail and work was packed into the setting.  I certainly won't mind if we head back someday.