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Heron Pouch

Posted by Fallon Foster on

During a recent visit, my Mother decided she'd like one of my pouches.  Having the benefit of being able to look at my materials she decided she wanted black oiled leather for the body of the pouch and green suede for the walls.  She wasn't entirely sure what kind of decoration she wanted though, so she left that to me.  I'm pretty glad she did because it gave me a great opportunity to try something out that I've been pondering for a while.  Some designs are precise or symmetrical enough that going through the process of carving the design into the leather would be very time consuming and the results can be uncertain.  For designs that don't have much inherent depth I'd wondered if I mightn't be able to to just do an ink transfer and leave it at that.  So that's what I did here, an ink transfer covered in a couple coats of super sheen and stitched to the front of the pouch.  I like to think the stitching makes it something of a window/frame but either way it was a pretty dandy way to slap a heron on some veg-tan.