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Gulliver Lake & Three Lakes Maps

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I'm pleased that lake maps seem to be becoming a trend.  Aside from being just a bit of novelty I always enjoy carving up some cartography.  In this case one of the maps included a legend that the client wanted me to duplicate.  That took extensive use of the little 1/8" alphabet stamps that have been really hit and miss in the past.  This time I threw out everything the manufacturer suggested for aligning the characters and worked out my own technique on some scrap.  On the whole I think that worked out rather much better.

Normally I'd use a medium weight leather for the maps so that there's some height difference between the map and the frame.  However these are two, large 11 x 17" maps and the only hide I could cut them both from was the thickest hide I have in stock.  So in this one case the map is flush with the frame.