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Greyhound Guitar Strap & Set

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I've been working on this order for about 5 weeks at this point but it's finally complete with this last guitar strap.  It would have been finished last week except the lining was damaged (stain mishap) during its installation so I had to pull it off and install a new lining from scratch.  But all in all it came out pretty well.

This one was a little more "artsy" than the others, entailing several rounds of drafting and a few more days of tooling.  The client liked elements of vines, celtic knotwork, and sheridan carving (also greyhounds) so I tried to work all of those into a single piece of leather about 2.5 x 32".  It was certainly a challenge but worth it in the end.  I think the bargrounder worked pretty well for the background, even if it warped the leather a tad in a spot or two.  I might wish the resist had worked more uniformly but it's enough to be noticeable and the tinting came out pretty spot on.

As previously mentioned, this was the third and final guitar strap in a set of three all custom made for the client's family.  The entire set is now on its way for some uniquely family rocking out time.