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Godsfall Dice Tumbler

Posted by Fallon Foster on

One of the great things about winnowing patterns down with prototypes is finally having the justification to make more gifts for podcasts and such.  This time around it's a dice cup for Godsfall.  For anyone who isn't familiar with Godsfall they're a high-quality "Actual Play" D&D podcast, meaning Dungeon Master Aram sits his 4-5 players down in his living room to play a game, records the whole thing, and then edits it down to about 60-90 minutes and releases episodes about once a week.  The setting Mr. Aram has built for his campaign is pretty fascinating but I appreciate that he's extremely decent with how he treats his players, characters, and audience.  By which I mean to say that he's made a point of treating all the people around him as other decent humans, irregardless of gender, sex, orientation, etc.  I've always found that worthy of some respect.  Meanwhile, it sounds like he's working on a worldbook for his setting and maybe by the time this goes up there'll be a kickstarter for that (Not yet, but SOON!).

So far as the dice cup goes, I used the Godsfall logo (or closest thing to it) for the lid and a map for the body.  The map shows the area the party's spent the most time in to date  and just happened to more or less fit in the right space.  I used some tinting and resisting to get the colors about right for the terrain.  The forests are still a bit of a pain (I should probably find a green mix that tints well) but everything else came out pretty well.