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Final Orders of the Year

Posted by Fallon Foster on

Pretty much everything's in the mail already and these will probably be the last orders I'll be delivering in 2015.

The first is a shoulderstrap heading to Lubbock TX.  It would be standard except the client was very keen on having a 2" wide strap.  Buckles in that size, especially brass buckles, are pretty tricky to find.  Fortunately I found an old vintage buckle from a fellow Etsy seller so it wasn't any big problem.

And finally we had a local job.  My father-in-law had bought an ordinary belt in a local brick-and-mortar store only to find the "genuine leather" it was made from didn't hold up to much wear and tear.  After a week or two the vinyl was already peeling off...

Cowhide to the rescue!  I gave it a bit of texture to match the original belt a bit better but the biggest selling point is that this belt will have a lifespan of decades, rather than weeks (like all my belts).