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End of Year 2019

Posted by Fallon Foster on

At this moment I've clocked just under 300 hours in December and, suffice to say, I'm feeling it a bit.  The holiday blitz got a late start this year, kicking off with four or five maps in one week and then going strong right up until Xmas. I have a few big commissions scheduled for the first half of January so it'll be a little longer before I can take a full day off.  It hasn't helped that this was my only opportunity to squeeze in some personal projects until February or so.

I haven't had much of a chance to look back over the past year.  It looks like I met most of my goals though and the laser cutter's been working out pretty awesomely.

I'm still working out my goals for 2020 (I still have 9 hours!) but there's no reason to expect it won't be at least as productive as 2019.  I'll be heading to PAX South in late January and that'll be an enforced rest if I haven't managed one before that.  I'll be back home in San Antonio for about five days and that'll be great.  Once I get back I have a list of products to develop including yet more dice cups, ready-map maps, and new and improved spellbooks!