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Dog Collars

Posted by Fallon Foster on

It seems like dog collars are one of those practically requisite leatherworker items that everyone has to make at some point or another.  There was a time, not even that long ago, when just about everything in daily life was made with leather.  Now we have fabrics and "artificial" materials that have replaced leather for a great many items.  Of course, there's still a few items where leather's the top dog of materials.

I'll admit that I got the general notion for the pattern from a google image, and the basic measurement to start with came from an instructable article, but the rest of these were made with just whatever I felt like doing at the time.   Studs aren't something I get to use nearly often enough and I had some fancy, dancy "ironwork" stamps that I wanted to test out.  So badda bing, badda bang.  Now I just outta braid some dog leashes to go with them =)