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Deertan Toolbox

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I'm usually pretty good about getting orders out within a week or two of receiving them but this one took a few weeks.  The client wanted a Toolbox as a surprise for her DMing husband so fortunately there wasn't a specific date it was needed by.  Everything was going pretty fine until I found I didn't have enough goatskin to make the skin of the toolbox.  True, I still had an uncut, "whole" goatskin in stock but it was so riddled with holes that there was no way to cut the pieces large enough for the toolbox from it.

That's how this toolbox wound up with a Deertan Cowhide skin (which took forever to arrive, probably due to Easter) rather than the old goatskin.  It's less expensive, probably a bit more durable, and feels a lot nicer to boot so it's probably going to be the new standard.  Especially since the goatskin isn't reliably available (at least within my supply network).

Along with a shoulder strap this was probably the last order I'll be filling from our old apartment.  As of this writing we're still waiting for the go-ahead to start the actual moving but work's well underway to get ready for that.  Between the time and attention that's taking I don't have the focus to spare to an adequate job on anyone's orders.  I have a few prototypes I'd like to bang together if I can, but otherwise any production is on hold until I have everything up and running in the new place.  I'm still happy to answer questions and take orders but it'll probably be May before I can really start working on things again.