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D&D Tome of Binding

Posted by Fallon Foster on

In this case the client liked the aesthetic of the old DM Toolbox but they needed a binder rather than a box.  This was something I've been meaning to try out for awhile and this gave me a pretty good opportunity to go for the high end option.  Externally the box looks almost exactly like any of the toolboxes except the shell is made of stone oiled leather, rather than goatskin lining.  That sharply increased the material cost but was necessary for the binder's structural integrity.

Inside the binder is a stained poplar frame and some close cut plates of fiberboard.  I figured I could just bolt the binder rings down to the spine but thanks to some UPS shenanigans I didn't get the rings until fairly late in the build.  It turns out that the rings are very sensitive to any pressure against their back side.  If I bolt it down to hand-tight the rings can't even open.  I had to find a "sweet spot" between being secure enough to not jiggle around being lose enough so that the rings would open.

I lined the interior with some EVA foam I textured before hand and I'm quite pleased with how that came out.  The tolerances were so tight that the stretching and contracting of the foam during texturing and gluing was pretty inconvenient but I managed to work around it.

All in all I think it came out pretty swell.  I'd like to pair the design down a bit to get closer to a certain price point and then I plan on adding it to the store as a regular item.