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Posted by Fallon Foster on

Short and Sweet:

  • I'm still operating more or less normally
  • There may be some unexpected delays from disrupted supply chain
  • I hope everyone's staying safe out there!


Seems like the world's going to be closing up shop for awhile.  I stay on top of the news so this has been like watching a slow-motion, inevitable train wreck for months.  The tragic consequences of governmental ineptitude aside, this is going to be tough.  

Since I was already working from home my daily routine isn't going to be that much different.  It's tougher on my wife since the Library is closed to the public and she has to figure out how to support the young patrons from afar.


For my part I've signed on with a local group (BCC3D) to crank out PPE for the local healthcare workers.  Canada's managed the crisis much better than the US and they don't have the same shortage of PPE but if we make more face shields for this area that leaves more face shields for others.  I've written to some US-based groups trying to do the same thing but to date none of them have responded.  I'd've thought some of the larger businesses might try to bring their logistics to bear (goodness knows Etsy could use the goodwill) but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen.

So far as the shop's concerned the only effect of this might be a delay in orders of coins if I exhaust my pre-printed stock.