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Conditions Galore

Posted by Fallon Foster on

The holiday season slammed into full gear this week and I've been shipping out sets of tokens left and right.  All these rapid iterations have helped me hone in and refine the tokens even further.  The tap-offs that I use to transfer the designs have seen a lot of improvements.  And by handling the stains a bit differently I was able to avoid having to paint the edges.  On top of that, I came up with a new logo for Invisible/Hidden that I think does a better job of communicating that status.  These sets are fairly unique in my stock in that I can crank them out ahead of time (they aren't customized).  So in addition to a few commissions I've been turning out 225 tokens (9 sets) in the last week or two.  I'm going to try and always have a couple in stock so they can ship right off the bat.