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Coming in 2016...

Posted by Fallon Foster on

2016 is finally here and I've got a lot to look forward to.  I'll be heading back home to San Antonio in a few weeks for another round at PAX South.  This year it may be more about visiting with folks than seeing the convention, but I'm anticipating a good trip either way.

I've found new and interesting suppliers all over the place to replace Tandy.  As part of that I'll have some new options hardware-wise that I'll be able to offer.  I've been focusing on the shoulder straps since they make up the biggest share of my orders but with a wider field of suppliers I think everything will come out a bit better off.  I've got some stock on its way and when it arrives in a week or two I can be a bit more specific.

I've got some new listings that are finally going up as well.  Shoulder Pads, the DM Toolbox, and  D&D Tabs should be going up within the next week or two.  About the same time I'll be rolling out a new pricing formula that should shift some of the prices around a bit and make them a bit easier to parse.

There are a few other long term projects on my docket that I'll be tinkering with this year.  One of those is the M3D printer, or specifically figuring out what I need to tweak to some really good prints out of it.  Another is D&D-related and it'll stay shush-shush for now.  A third thing that I'd like to get back to this year is sending out gifts to particular podcasts/creators I've enjoyed.  It's not exactly business related but I get a lot from them while I'm whittling away and I enjoy giving something back.

So that's what I've got for 2016!  I've already got some orders in the chute so you can be sure more'll be coming!  I hope you had a very merry New Year and perfectly pleasant 2016!