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Coming in 2015

Posted by Fallon Foster on

As 2014 is coming to a close I hope everyone's enjoying their holidays.  In addition to our traditional end of the year festivities I've been considering how I could improve this blog and my shop in the coming year.  I'm sure this will be a never ending process but I have a few ideas on what to do:
  • Add a section describing the materials I most frequently use as well as providing photos of different staining and color choices.
  • Overhaul the tags so they're a little more consistent.  I'll be adding tags for materials and stains so it will be easier to find examples in the blog.
  • Retake several of the photos for the Etsy store that were taken before I had settled on my current setup.
  • If there's time I'd like to get back to writing more in depth posts similar to the SCIENCE! posts I used to write.  I'd like to write some more in-depth descriptions of the materials or some of the history of the techniques.  It's possible I might also get a bit off-topic and write some blurbs on things like D&D, gaming, or sheer randomness.
My plan is to have the first three points finished by the end of February.  In January I'll be heading back home to San Antonio, TX for PAX South and I've been working on a gun belt and some new pouches for a little impromptu cosplay.  Meanwhile, I plan to continue adding 1-2 items to the store every month, time allowing.  2015 is shaping up to be an interesting and productive year!